Ben on the Issues

Health Justice

Access to quality health care, the ability to keep our families healthy, and trusted health care information are few and far between for the people in 59th district. I have spent my career caring for the people in military, Veterans Affairs, and civilian healthcare systems, and I’ve seen firsthand the disparities in health care delivery – disparities only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need legislators who know how to keep our families healthy and are committed to health justice as a right for all Virginians.


Rural Virginia should lead as a shining example of opportunity through education in the Commonwealth and in this country. Investing in our schools, our teachers, and our children is a responsibility we all have, to invest in the next generation of workers, educators, and Virginians. When I go to Richmond, I will fight for equitable funding for rural Virginia schools.


Everyone deserves the dignity of a good paying job. With our communities living through a recession and a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to invest in 21st century jobs for our 21st century economy. We need a legislator bold enough to fight beyond one size fits all solutions. When I go to Richmond, I will fight for an economy that works for us.


I know we have a responsibility to preserve central Virginia’s natural legacy. Moving toward renewable energy creates opportunity for the economy of central Virginia and protects the communities at the front lines of the Climate Crisis. That’s why I proudly took the Clean Virginia Pledge and won’t accept campaign contributions from Dominion Power or other fossil fuel companies. When I go to Richmond, I will protect the beauty of our home and fight for new Green jobs right here in our district.


I am a proud Virginia Broadband Caucus Candidate. I’ve seen first hand how the COVID-19 pandemic serves as a stark example of why we need to fight for fair, accessible high-speed internet. Many of our educators, students, and workers are struggling to make the best of the situation without access to the internet. I believe that access to the internet is a basic human right and when I get to Richmond, I will make internet access for rural communities one of my top priorities.

Justice For All

We need to restore integrity to the 59th District in the Virginia House of Delegates District – that means leaders who uphold the law, and value respect. But more than that, we need a Delegate who will fight for equal justice under the law – like repealing harmful transphobic legislation, supporting the ERA and stating proudly that Black Lives Matter and supporting the BLM Movement.